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Friday, 20 May 2016

Benefits of using coconut oil in your daily routine

How many know the benefit of coconut oil? How many know what good it does not just for beauty but for health. So now I am going to show some uses of coconut oil that you may not know about. Not only does it moisturise and nourish. But you can remove make up without using anything that is harmful to your skin.
You will feel pampered and the difference will be visible.

Hair mask
After you shampooed your hair. You can apply some coconut oil on your still wet hair.
Leave it on for 5 minutes

It will give shine to dull and lifeless hair. Also it will moisturize those locks.

Body oil.
After having a shower or a bath. Apply a quarter size amount of coconut oil on your skin.
You can also add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil for a relaxing massage 

Lip balm.
If you crave soft lips then you should consider coconut oil.
Just dab it onto your lips. Feel the ultra hydrating benefits of coconut oil

Cuticle softener
Just rub some coconut oil on your cuticles to see the appearance of soft cuticles and also more youthful hands. An added bonus is your fingernails will be stronger too.

Under eye cream
Most women know that the under eye area is to be handled very gently. The skin under the eye is very delicate and thin. Making it prone for fine lines or dark circles. But using coconut oil is beneficial and also inexpensive. Just rub the oil between fingers before applying to under eye area.  

Frizz fighter
Fight the frizz with coconut oil. Also your hair will be shiny, soft and well moisturized too.
Using a pea size amount of oil. Rub on hands to make the oil warm. Apply on hair.

Skin highlighter
If you want glowing and fresh skin. Just use liquefied coconut oil by applying to top off cheekbones and cupid's bow. (Dip in the lips) Just above eyebrows will give the appearance of well hydrated skin.

Make up remover.
Using a teaspoon amount of coconut oil will remove make up. No matter how well the staying power is.
Home made make up remover.   
Making your own coconut oil makeup remover wipes, Start off with melting 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for every cotton pad But remember to use a microwave-safe container. Next leave the cotton pads let them soak up the coconut oil through the night. Now you can store them in a container or bag. Ready to be used.

Body scrub
By adding some sugar or sea salt to coconut oil. You can create a moisturising body rub that will remove dead skin cells and also reveal radiant fresh skin. Remember to use equal amounts of each item. To create a refreshing feeling on your skin you can add some lavender oil too.

Shaving cream
Start by making sure that the coconut oil is liquefied. Then apply to legs. You will find that the razor will be working smoother as it will glide over skin. But please be careful as the oil is slippery so don't use it while showering. So it is best to have your hands dry when shaving.

So as the article showed. Using coconut oil as part of your beauty routine will be a natural affordable beauty treatment that will be beneficial to your skin. These are just a few benefits for healthy glowing skin and hair.


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