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Friday, 3 June 2016

Getting rid of scars effectively the natural way

For someone who have scars, its all they see when looking in the mirror. They try to hide it. But what if today I can tell what will help to remove that scars. Would you be interested? I know I would.

Lavender oil.
Directly massage on the scars to help fade into skin. Massage to help absorption.

Vitamin K
Apply it as a cream onto the scars. You may start to see results in as small a time as a few weeks. Use twice daily. Depending on severity of scars it may take months.

Extra 100% virgin olive oil.
Applying olive oil twice daily on scars you should see scars start to fade within a week. It works for stretch marks too.

Vitamin E  
From punctured gel caps. Rub the oil into scars.

Raw honey (organic).
When rubbing onto scars twice a day scars should fade, because of the anti bacterial properties of honey. It isn't recommended for oily skin.

So all these are things you can do at home, with the benefit of using something that will work. Serious scars may take persistence and with the consistent effort it should give good results too. 

This is just a few methods that can be used. It is effective but depending on the age of the scars it may need more time to heal.
I hope this article was helpful and the results is working effectively.
Please share this so others can benefit from this too


  1. Apply fresh lemon juice on scar. Leave few minutes. Rinse.

    Extra virgin coconut oil that is heated slightly. Apply on the scar and massage using circular motions. Do it daily for a few weeks

    1. Both should work great for removing scars. Thanks for sharing


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